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Zoom Teleport™

Zoom’s Teleport VoIP port demonstrates Zoom’s commitment to flexibility and customer freedom. Teleport lets you plug in one or more conventional corded or cordless telephones. The Teleport feature automatically uses conventional phone service for 911 emergency dialing, toll-free number dialing or when power fails. The Teleport also allows conventional phone service to be used for local calls or any other call the user chooses. Phones connected to the X5v can originate or answer both VoIP and conventional phone calls using the analog line typically provided with ADSL broadband service.

Teleport solves a number of problems associated with VoIP-only hardware and services. If there is a power failure, you can make and receive calls through the public telephone network using any standard phone that does not require a power supply. You can also make 411 and 911 calls and fax calls easily through the public network.

  • Intelligent hardware allows phones to place and receive both VoIP and conventional public telephone network calls
  • Cordless phones provide easy whole-house access for both incoming and outgoing VoIP calls
  • Conventional telephone network is used for power outages, 911 calling, faxing, alarm systems, TIVO, pay-per-view service and collect calls
  • Teleport provides the VoIP option with no downside in services



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