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ZOOM Products

Customer choices and superior ZoomTel hardware

Zoom’s emphasis on flexibility and freedom is clear when you compare ZoomTel products. The hardware supplied by competitors VoIP services works only with that service, unlike the ZoomTel hardware. Some services require customers to use VoIP as their primary phone service; Zoom advocates VoIP as a second line that supplements the primary phone line. The primary phone line remains available for 411 calls, 911 calls, power-failure situations, faxing, calls to neighbors and as support for alarm systems.

Customer choices

  • ZoomTel hardware is not locked into one single VoIP service
  • ZoomTel’s Teleport feature allows for VoIP or conventional phone calls

ZoomTel hardware advantages

  • The users PC does not have to be on to originate or receive a call
  • Standard telephones are used for calls
  • With a cordless phone you can receive and originate both conventional and VoIP calls anywhere in the home or office
  • The Teleport feature allows a choice for conventional or VoIP calling on each call placed
  • Voice quality is excellent on VoIP calls



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