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Hayes Model H08-15360 - V.92 External USB 'World Approved' Modem
Fully approved in over 70 countries, compliance tested in many others

The Model H08-15360 modem is a miniature external V.92/V.90 56K data/fax/voice modem with extensive regulatory compliance qualification around the world. The H08-15360 is designed for use worldwide. This modem has complete regulatory compliance in 70 countries. It has also been tested as compliant with regulations in nearly every other country in the world. This significantly simplifies the use of a standard H08-15360 for systems deployed worldwide.

The H08-15360 is a controller-based modem that works with operating systems supporting a USB client, including Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. The small size (2.8 inches X 1 inch X 0.8 inches) of the H08-15360 and the integrated USB cable make the modem easy to integrate into a wide range of systems. The USB port of a connected computer or other device provides power to the modem, eliminating the need for a power cube and simplifying the design for system shipped into a range of countries.

  • Approved for use in an extensive number of countries
  • Controller-based modems works with Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems
  • USB port powered to eliminate power transformer issues and allow a uniform solution for multiple countries
  • Miniature size for easy integration into a wide variety of physical configurations

For a listing of countries where compliance approvals have been obtained and additional countries where compliance testing has been completed please click here.

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