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ZoomAir Wireless LAN PC Card 11 Meg 802.11b NIC

Technical Specifications

Data Rate: 11 Mbps send/receive with automatic fallback for extended range
Useful Range: Up to 1000 feet (300 meters) open field; 300 feet (90 meters) typical indoor installations (intervening metal and thick concrete structures degrade performance and range)
Security: Supports Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) which provides 64-bit and 128-bit data encryption; additional security through the use of a 32-character network system ID
Standard Support: Interoperable with 2 Mbps IEEE 802.11 Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) and 802.11b (11 and 5.5 Mbps) extension
OS Support: NDIS drivers included for Windows 95, 98, ME and NT and 2000
Channels: Supports 11 US/Canada and 13 ETSI selectable, fully-independent channels
Transmit Power: 25mW typical
Radio Frequency: 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz
Power Requirement: PC Card: 5 VDC @ 217 mA average with 338 mA maximum on transmit; 215 mA continuous receive, 17 mA standby
PCI: 5VDC @ 247 mA average with 368 mA maximum on transmit; 245 mA continuous receive, 47 mA standby
Status lights: 1 (Reports: Link, Power)
Regulatory Approval: US - FCC part 15B and 15C, IC RSS-210
ETSI - FCC part 15B, CE, ETS 300 328, ETS 300 826, C-Tick (Australia)
Physical Specification: PC Card: PCMCIA Type II PC Card
PCI: 32-bit, 5V Key, Full Plug-N-Play
Antenna(s): Integrated: Printed dual diversity
External: 2.2dBi dipole; additional options for specific installation needs
Warranty: 1 year

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