8/22/2012  v1.0.7-4

Firmware Version 1.0.7-4 for Zoom ADSL X7N Model 5790

How to Load the Firmware Update

  1. Connect a computer directly into one of the Zoom X7N’s ETHERNET ports via an Ethernet cable. Do not attempt to carry out the firmware upgrade through another router or network device!
  2. It is important to not interrupt the X7N while its firmware is being updated. For this reason, we recommend that you take the following precautionary steps:
  3. Now go to the computer that is connected to the X7N. Make sure the computer and X7N are powered on.
  4. Access the Zoom Configuration Manager:
    1. Open a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.
    2. In the address bar field, replace anything there with (this is the X7N’s default LAN IP address), and then press Enter or Return.
    3. When prompted, enter the X7N’s username and password. By default these are:
  5. If you had changed any settings on the X7N’s Basic Setup or other configuration pages, please take note of the changes you made. You will need to re-enter your settings later.
  6. Load the firmware file:
    1. In the left column, click Management, then click Update Software. The Update Software page appears.
    2. Click the Browse… (or Choose File) button.
    3. Locate and select the file named ZoomX7n-v1.0.7-4-en.bin, and then click Open (or Choose). Note: In some cases this filename may be truncated.
    4. Click the Update Software button. Please click this button only ONCE.
    5. The firmware uploading process begins. Depending on your web browser version, there may be a delay* (about 2 minutes) before you see the DSL Router Update page. Once you see the DSL Router Update page, please wait until you are returned to the Basic Setup page. This entire process takes approximately 4 minutes.

      *Note: If the DSL Router Update page does not appear after a few minutes, reload the page by clicking your web browser's reload button (usually a circular arrow icon next to the address bar).

  7. You must perform a hard factory reset on the X7N:
    1. On the X7N's back panel, press and hold the RESET / WPS button for seven (7) seconds and then release.
    2. Please wait about 45 seconds while the X7N restores its factory default configuration.
  8. Verify a successful firmware upgrade:
    1. Reload the web page by clicking the web browser’s refresh/reload button.
    2. In the left column, click Status. The Device Info page appears.
    3. Check that the Firmware Version shows Zoom X7n v1.0.7-4.
  9. Now you can reconfigure the X7N with your settings, and reconnect the DSL line and any other cables.