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ADSL Modem/Router

Model 5792

The ADSL Modem/Router connects to computers and devices wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable. No driver is required.

Firmware Revision 3.0.0-8

Release Information:

  • Fixed Router LAN DNS address now defaults to after a hard factory reset (via button)
  • On the home page, ETH Link Type allows more Connection Type options after switch from ADSL country other than default Enter VPI/VCI Manually selection
  • On the home page, renamed IPoE 1483 MER to Bridge+Routing (1483 MER) in the Connection Type drop-down menu for ADSL and ETH option

Please read before downloading:

  • After you have downloaded the file, please refer to the Read Me document for instructions on how to load the firmware update into your Zoom ADSL Modem/Router. Note that your computer must have the telnet client enabled.
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File Details

Post date:  December 11, 2014

Size:  6.5 MB

Format:  BIN

Quick Start (PDF)

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User Manual (PDF)

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