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ZoomTel ADSL X5v Annex B
Model 5566

Program Files - Setup Files

ADSL X5v USB Driver – Version (.exe file) 10/07/04 Size: 8.0 MB
After extracting this file, open the newly created "Zoom ADSL X5v USB Driver" folder and run Setup.exe to begin the installation. Then follow the on-screen prompts. This driver supports Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP.

(Note: If you received a Zoom VoIP CD with PN: 289-00176 or later, you already have the latest driver version.)

No setup files are required if the modem is connected to your computer via the Ethernet interface.


Firmware Upgrade - Version 2.2.2

Important Notes:

  • On the modem's System Status page, note the current firmware version. This upgrade is only for Zoom X5v Annex B 5566 VoIP modems that have Firmware Version VoIP1_2.0.1_-BI-xx or earlier. Please do not confuse this with the Showtime Firmware Version.
  • This upgrade will return the VoIP modem to its factory default settings. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you write down or take screen shots of any changes you have made to the modem's configuration pages. You will need to re-enter these settings after the modem has been upgraded.
  • The Firmware Image (2.2.2_BI-xx-F.dlf) must be loaded first followed by the Boot file (B2.2.2_BI-xx.dlf), as explained in the included ReadMe document.
  • Macintosh users: This version of code does not support upgrades from Macintosh computers. Please upgrade from a Windows-based PC. If this is not possible wait for an upgrade version that supports Macintosh computers, anticipated shortly.

Select Windows next to your country/location to download (instructions are included):

08/03/05   Size: 2.4 MB



ADSL X5v Quick Start (.pdf file)

Select a language to download:

ADSL X5v User’s Guide – Full Manual (.pdf file)

Select a language to download:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For troubleshooting and late-breaking information, please visit the SmartFacts Q & A Search Engine. Click here to go directly to the ADSL X5v FAQs.

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