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AdSubtract SE

ZDNet Five Star Award Winning AdSubtract SE is internet ad-blocking software that works in the background along with your web browser. The two main features of AdSubtract SE are blocking web ads and cookies. It makes the web faster, less cluttered and enhances your online privacy.

AdSubtract SE Features:

  • Blocks those annoying web ads
  • Blocks cookies, selectively
  • Speeds up web surfing by eliminating ads
  • Enhances online privacy by blocking cookies
  • Sound effects (optional) let you 'hear' ads and cookies being blocked (Fun!)
  • Shows statistics of how many ads and cookies you blocked
  • Allows custom sites to be defined, for special filtering
  • Easy to install, automatically configures all browsers
  • Any browser: works with Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL browser, Opera, etc.
  • Runs on any Windows 95/98/NT4 computer
  • Works with any connection to the web: dial up modems, cable modems, LAN or DSL connections, etc.
  • Installs in about 30 seconds after you agree to the license agreement
  • Not a trial version, runs forever!
  • It's FREE!

Program Files

AdSubtract SE 1.64 (.exe file) 2.46 MB Uploaded 4/13/00 Web browsing utility. Blocks internet ads to let you surf the web faster. Can also block cookies to enhance online privacy. Not a trial version, runs forever. Works with all Zoom and Hayes modems, browsers and ISPs. (Windows 95/98/NT)

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