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Zoom Cam USB
Model 1595 - Windows software package

The ZoomCam USB is an affordable full-color live-motion Universal Serial Bus (USB) camera that plugs into the USB port of your desktop or laptop computer. It installs easily in just a few seconds. Power is provided through the USB port. It's advanced CMOS array gives you clear, crisp images that are sharper and more vibrant than most other PC cameras, with interpolated still-image capture resolution up to 704 x 576 pixels. The Zoom Cam USB will work in either platform - Windows or Macintosh as long as installed with the proper installation files. Be sure to have the proper drivers for your particular operating system. We have files for Mac as well as Windows 98/98SE/ME and W2000 available.

Program Files

Zoom Cam USB model 1595 in W2000 Installation Files (.zip file) You must do the following for installation in W2000:

  1. Extract the zipped file to a directory or folder on your hard drive.
  2. Plug the Zoom Cam USB in and Windows 2000 will recognize the new hardware and ask for the software.
  3. Point to the directory or folder where the new files are extracted.
Setup file necessary for installation of Zoom Cam USB in Windows ME (.exe file) This file is also an updated file for W98/98SE to the setup files released on the any of the ZoomLink CDs shipped with the product. This updated file is written expressly for Vision's CPiA 1.X chipset. This file will not work properly in W98/98SE until you uninstall any existing driver files. To uninstall the drivers you can rerun the USB Cam setup from the original ZoomLink CD and select the uninstall option.
Install shield (.exe file) Latest release for the Zoom Cam USB. This file will work in W98/98SE.
USB Fix (.exe file) This program is only to be used if your USB cam stops functioning when restarting Windows. This fix will cause Windows to "Find New Hardware" and reinstall the USB Cam drivers without user intervention. If the fix is already installed, the program will give the option to uninstall.

Simple video capture program (.exe file) that can be used with all of the Zoom Cam products.


USB Set (.pdf file) This file explains how to install and use the video for Windows and Twain drivers for the Zoom Cam USB.


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