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Zoom Cam PPC
Model 1585

The ZoomCam PPC Model 1585 is an affordable, full-color, live-motion parallel port camera (PPC) that plugs into the parallel (printer) port of your Windows 95/98/NT/ME computer.

Program Files

Install shield (.exe file) for Windows 95/98/98SE/ME. This driver will not work in NT. This is version 1.37 of the Zoom Cam PPC with a Twain driver included.
Install shield (.exe file) necessary for Windows NT 4.0.

Dell Fix (.exe file) Use this file only with the Dell Latitude XPi laptop. Please follow the steps detailed below:
First, install ZoomCam PPC and its driver if you have not yet done so (refer to the manual/flyer).

  1. Copy "fix_dell.exe" file into your (C:) folder.
  2. Open (C:) folder, right click on "Autoexec.bat" file, and select Edit from the list.
  3. Add C:\fix_dell.exe in the text editor field (at the end if other lines exist).
  4. Save and exit.
  5. Restart the Dell Latitude XPi laptop to take effect. You should now be able to use ECP mode on the Dell. The change can be made via its BIOS/CMOS settings (refer to manual/flyer).

Simple video capture program (.exe file) that can be used with all of the Zoom Cam products.


The installation instructions for the Zoom Cam PPC came on several flyers. You can download all the flyers or just the ones you desire.

Getting Started (.doc file) with the Zoom Cam PPC

Installing the Video Cam PPC (.doc file)

Completing the Installation (.doc file)

ppcset (.txt file) This file explains the use of Video in Windows and the Twain drivers for the Zoom Cam PPC.

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