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PCMCIA V.90 Dualmodem Faxmodem
Lucent chipset
Model 2975L - Packaged with PC software.
Model 2976L - Packaged with MAC software.

The Dualmode Zoom/PC Card 56K Faxmodem is a state-of-the-art high-speed V.90 faxmodem that can be used with a notebook, palmtop, PDA, or any computer with a compatible PCMCIA slot. Its at home in the office and on the road. Its small size, slim cord, rugged connector design, built-in DAA, and battery-conserving circuitry make the PC Card 56K the perfect traveling companion.

You can determine if your modem has a Lucent chipset or a Rockwell chipset by the serial number of your modem. An "L" or in your modem's serial number indicates that you have a Lucent chipset. The modem's serial number is located on the bottom of external models and on the back bracket of internal modems (near the phone jacks). "n" is any integer from 0-9 in the following examples:

nnnn-Z2975-nn-nnL-nnnn uses a Lucent chipset.
nnnn-Z2975-nn-nn-nnnn uses a Rockwell chipset.

These chipsets differ in manufacture only and offer the same functionality. Please note the presence or absence of an "L" in the below model #'s when selecting files for your modem. Product with Lucent chipsets will also have a Lucent sticker on the front of the box. Files listed on this page for use with our Lucent chipset products will not work with our Rockwell chipset products.

Program Files - Installation Files

Windows 95/98/NT/ME INF file (.exe file) for our Lucent chipset, V.90, Dualmode, PCMCIA faxmodem. This is a self-extracting file.

This is the original INF file released for the PCMCIA cards. This is not an update.

W2000 INF file (.exe file) for our Lucent chipset, V.90, Dualmode, ISA, External and PCMCIA faxmodems. This INF file is not for use with Rockwell 2919, 2945 or 2975 faxmodems. This is a self-extracting file.

Flash Files

All TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) programs such as screen savers, anti virus programs and any communication software that could interfere with the flash process must be disabled. If the flash process is interrupted, it could cause the modem to no longer respond and it would necessitate the modem to be sent in for repair.

Latest flash upgrade for Lucent V.90 PCMCIA modem model 2975L (.exe file) This will work in Windows 95/98/NT/ME and W2000. This flash upgrade will not work with Rockwell 2975 modems! This is a self-extracting file. Please read and follow the steps detailed in the readme.txt file after extraction.


Quick Start and Reference Guide (.pdf file) for 56K PC Card Faxmodem.

AT Command Reference Manual (.pdf file) for our Lucent chipset, V.92 Dualmode and V.90, Dualmode, Controller based ISA, External, PCMCIA and USB faxmodems.


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