Zoom Internal Modems 7/4/98 by WFD
This Flash Loading program supports the following Internal modems:

NOTE: This is NOT for use with External Modems. For Additional
Information, visit our website at www.zoomtel.com or for Tech
Support: (617) 423-1076

Note: If you have already upgraded your modem to V.90 and are looking to install the latest code it is not necessary to install the K56Flex interim code first. When given the option to install the latest K56Flex code or the V.90 code go ahead and select the V.90 code. Otherwise if this is your first time upgrading to V.90 code follow the steps below.

Steps on Upgrading your Zoom Modem to V.90


The V90 Wizard program was designed to help the user choose when is the right time to upgrade to V.90 code. To do this it follows several steps. First it creates a backup copy of your existing firmware revision. This firmware is saved as a file on your hard drive. This allows you to restore your original firmware revision in case you experience problems after downloading either the V.90 code or the K56Flex Interim revision.

After backing up your original firmware the wizard will then ask you if you want to update your K56Flex firmware to the latest version. We HIGHLY recommend you do this. Updating your firmware to the latest K56Flex revision allows the wizard to check to see if your ISP has already upgraded to V.90.


After upgrading to the K56Flex interim revision we recommend you exit the V.90 wizard and go ahead and use dial up networking to call your ISP. By loading the interim revision the modem will probe your ISP and determine if it is V.90 capable.

Now that the modem has this information stored in its memory its time to run the wizard again. The wizard will tell you if your last connection was V.90 capable. If it was go ahead and download the V.90 code. If it tells you that your last connection was not V.90 then DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE CODE!!!.

If your last connection was not V90 then you should run the wizard periodically to check and see if your ISP has upgraded to V.90.

Updating Your Modem Driver in Windows 95

Now that your modem is updated to V.90 you need to update your driver. To do this you need first to remove the old drivers then install the new one.

NOTE: This section only applies if you have just upgraded your modem to V.90 from K56Flex. If you have already upgraded to V.90 and have already installed the V.90 driver than it is not necessary to update your driver.

To remove your old modem drivers from Windows:

1. Select Start / Settings / Control Panel and double-click Modems.
2. Select the Diagnostics tab.
3. Select the COM port which is associated with your modem.
4. Click the More Info button.
5. Find the name of the modem and the identifier which is underneath the modem’s name. Write down the OZOxxxx number, such as OZO8030.
6. Now select OK in each window to return to the Control Panel. Leave the Control Panel open.
7. Click Start / Find / Files or Folders.
8. Leave the Named field empty.
9. In the Look in field, Browse to C:\Windows\Inf\Other. If this directory doesn't exist then browse to C:\Windows\Inf.
10. Select the Advanced tab.
11. The Of type field should say All Files and Folders.
12. In the Containing text field enter the OZOxxxx number you wrote down for your modem.
13. Click the Find Now button, and Windows will search the files for your modem.
14. Delete the file(s) that Windows found.

You’ve now removed your modem’s drivers. Now you want to uninstall your modem.

Removing Your Modem From The Modems Control Panel

1. From the Control Panel double-click Modems.
2. Select your modem then choose remove.

Now to reinstall your driver you need to reboot your computer. After it reboots it will detect your modem as new hardware and look to install the driver. Browse to the directory that the V90 Wizard is in so Windows can find the driver.

What to do if you've upgraded your modem to V90 but you need to go back to K56Flex.

1. Run the V90 Wizard again. You will come to a screen that gives you the option to load your initial code (the failsafe backup), the interim code, or the V90 code. Choose the interim code.