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allov12 (.exe file) 8/23/95 1Mb ALLOALLO version 1.2, terminal emulation for Windows 3.1(1).

ans003 (.exe file) 8/23/95 239Kb Answering machine for OS/2, works with Zoom voice modems.
ans37f (.exe file) 2/8/96 288Kb Answer version 3.7f. A voice mail system for Zoom voice modems.
at10 (.zip file) 2/8/96 11Kb Allows you to send modem commands from the DOS command prompt.
ar16e30 (.exe file) 1/24/97 3.73Mb Acrobat Reader 3.0 for Windows 3.1 and Windows NT.
ardr30e (.bin file) 1/24/97 3.91Mb Acrobat Reader 3.0 for Macintosh and Power Macintosh.
ardr32e30 (.exe file) 1/24/97 3.73Mb Acrobat Reader 3.0 for Windows 95 and Windows NT.
batcmdu2 (.exe file) 2/8/96 107Kb This is the .MDM file for 24Kbps Zoom modems with WWIV 4.23 BBS software.
binkley2/8/96 19Kb Binkley Term configuration file for use with 28.8 modems.
bnum125 (.exe file) 2/8/96 46.4Kb This is the replacement serial driver for DOOM. It allows for MNP and V.42bis connects.
chcomb (.exe file) 2/8/96 19.7Kb This is a replacement comm driver for Windows 3.1.
cmp141 (.exe file) 8/23/95 1.61Mb Excellent QWK mail reader for Windows 3.1.
commhex (.zip file) 2/8/96 17.4Kb Comport diagnostic utility.
commo642 (.exe file) 2/8/96 205Kb High-performance telecommunications program.
comset8 (.zip file) 2/8/96 20.5Kb Serial port diagnostic utility.
convpc (.exe file) 2/8/96 10.1Kb Converts received Winfax files to .PCX files.
dcs2pcx (.exe file) 2/8/96 17.1Kb Converts .DCX files (from Mtez) to .PCX files.
dmser (.exe file) 8/23/95 55.6Kb A program to play Doom by modem at high speeds.
dm_shock (.exe file) 2/8/96 191Kb A Doom communications utility that has very good drivers for a lot of modems.
dvs-qmpr (.exe file) 8/23/95 47.6Kb This is the new QMPRO.PDF for QMODEM. It has all 28.8 modems listed.
ed45 (.exe file) 8/23/95 85.8Kb Speed dialer program - dial your phone using a modem.
fix16550 (.zip file) 8/23/95 3.3Kb Bug fix for 16550 chips using AMI BIOS.
freecom (.exe file) 8/23/95 881Kb Free communications program for Windows from Delrina (vendor of WinFax now part of Symantec).
fwpatch (.exe file) 8/23/95 6Kb This corrects the Music on Hold feature that appeared in some versions of Faxworks.
fxt102 (.exe file) 8/23/95 302Kb SVGA terminal package for calling RoboFX BBS systems and also features mouse control.
ghost3 (.exe file) 8/23/95 267Kb G-Host - ProComm Plus BBS module.
gw10f (.exe file) 8/23/95 110Kb Script for G-Host.
idfon22 (.exe file) 8/23/95 205Kb Very Caller ID interface for modems that support Caller ID.
ids-v6 (.exe file) 8/23/95 205Kb Call IDS version 6 beta for Windows 3.1.
initcomm (.exe file) 8/23/95 44Kb This is a bug fix for Windows 3.1 base I/O shift problems.
killmnk3 (.exe file) 8/23/95 31.8Kb Kills Monkey and INT-10 Viruses.
krm07 (.exe file) 8/23/95 59.6Kb Kermit terminal for Windows 3.1.
lb_v132 (.exe file) 8/23/95 1.23Mb Feature packed Caller ID program for Windows 3.1.
mdrw9510 (.zip file) 9/1/98 28.3Kb Modem Doctor for Windows 95/98 version 1.0 modem/UART diagnostics.
modem10 (.zip file) 9/1/98 368Kb Modem Doctor for Windows 3.1(1) version 1.0 modem/UART diagnostics.
modem70 (.zip file) 9/1/98 144Kb Modem Doctor for DOS version 7.0 modem/UART diagnostics.
pctpx130 (.exe file) 9/1/98 144Kb This is an updated communications driver for the IBM ThinkPad computer.
pk260w32 (.exe file) 9/2/98 510Kb Acrobat Reader 3.0 for Windows 95 and Windows NT.
sio100 (.exe file) 2/9/96 142Kb This is the general release of the OS/2 communications driver.
sio124 (.exe file) 2/9/96 142Kb This is a high performance communications driver for OS/2.
telix351 (.exe file) 7/1/96 677Kb Telix 3.51 for DOS - a full featured terminal program.
tfw115c1 (.exe file) 7/1/96 1.35Mb Telix 1.15c for Windows 95 (part 1 of 2). A full featured Windows terminal program.
tlx351-h (.exe file) 7/1/96 171Kb Host mode files for Telix 3.51 for DOS.
wg1001 (.exe file) 2/9/96 22.3Kb This is a Windows for Workgroups replacement communications driver.
winvn_99 (.exe file) 2/9/96 293Kb WinVN - a 32 bit Internet USENET newsreader for Windows 95.
zoomfax (.exe file) 8/23/95 17.7Kb Complete setup for Zoom VFP 28.8, Front Door 2.12 and BGGAX.
zoomfx (.exe file) 7/7/96 24.4Kb Microsoft Mail scripts for use with Zoom modems.
zoom_im (.exe file) 8/23/95 16.6Kb This is the MODEMS.IM file for Zoom 28.8 Kbps modems and Intermail.
zoomodem (.exe file) 8/23/95 18.3Kb Wildcat! Makewild screens for 14.4 and 28.8 Zoom modem strings.
zoomukxi (.exe file) 2/9/96 23.1Kb Script file for Microsoft Mail Remote for United Kingdom versions of Zoom modems.
zoomv34i (.exe file) 8/23/95 20.1Kb Setup for Zoom V.34 modems and Front Door 2.12 software.
zoom240 (.exe file) 8/23/95 17.4Kb This is the .MDM file for 24Kbps Zoom modem and WWIV 4.23 BBS software.
zoom288 (.exe file) 2/9/96 16.4Kb Latest Qmodem configuration for 28.8 modems.
24Kzoom (.exe file) 8/23/95 17Kb This is the .MDM file for 24Kbps Zoom modem and WWIV 4.23 BBS software.

4ports4u (.zip file) 8/23/95 1Kb Corrects incorrect port addresses in AMI BIOS.


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