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Model 3000 Controllerless PCMCIA Dualmode Faxmodem
Model 3000

Please Note: The files listed on this page are only for use with the Model 3000-xx-xxL.

Program Files

Controllerless Zoom V.90 PC card. This file will run in W95/98/Me/2000 and XP.

V.90 Update for Zoom PCMCIA Model 3000 Faxmodem

Latest Driver / Flash Update for the following modems:

  • PCMCIA controllerless 56k faxmodem, Model 3000
These drivers are available in single File Name versions and spanned for 2 floppy disks for your convenience. If you choose to use the 2-file version, please extract both files into a single folder.

The file zp575.exe is an updated driver file for the V.90 PC card. This will work in W95/98/Me/2000. You can download it as a single file or as two separate files for easy transportation via floppies. If there are existing drivers, the setup will initially remove them and you must run setup again to install the new updated files. The updated v5.75 has a problem with the electronic registration popping up with every single reboot. The solution for this can be found on Smart Facts Q & A Search Engine .

Current Code (.exe file) 2.02MB
Disk 1 (1.20MB)  Disk 2 (863KB)

Previous Code (.exe file) 2.29MB
Disk 1 (1.29MB)  Disk 2 (806KB)
Original Code (.exe file) 1.86MB
Disk 1 (1.10MB) Disk 2 (786KB)


AT Command Reference Manual(.pdf file) for our Lucent chipset, V.92 Dualmode and V.90 Dualmode, Controllerless, PCI and PCMCIA faxmodems.

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