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PC Card (PCMCIA) FaxModem Support Files

Please note the presence or absence of letters in the model numbers below when selecting files for your modem. An "L," "M," "N" or "P" after the model number in your modem's serial number indicates the modem uses an Agere chipset. A "B," "C" or no letter indicates Conexant chipset. The serial number can be found under the barcode on the bottom label of the modem.
" x" is any integer from 0-9 in the following examples:
xxxx-(Z)3075-xx-xxC-xxxx = Model 3075C, uses Conexant chipset
xxxx-(Z)3075-xx-xxL-xxxx = Model 3075L, uses Agere chipset
xxxx-(Z)2975-xx-xxN-xxxx = Model 2975N, uses Agere chipset
xxxx-(Z)2975-xx-xx-xxxx = Model 2975, uses Conexant chipset
Files for use with our Agere chipset-based modems will not work with our Conexant chipset-based modems (or vice versa).

If your modem model is not listed below, please check here.


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