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PCI V.92 Faxmodem
Model 3025L

The Zoom/FaxModem 56K PCI outperforms V.90 modems. ITU V.92 is a new standard for dialup modems. It, and its companion compression standard V.44, makes communications faster, easier and more enjoyable. The "automatic negotiation" or "handshake" at the beginning of a call can be over twice as fast with Zoom/Modem V.92 models than with V.90 modems.

The model 3025 was manufactured with different chipsets. The files on this page are for the V.92 PCI faxmodems with the letter "L" in the serial number. These chipsets differ in manufacturer only and offer the same functionality. Please note the presence or absence of an "L", "N", or "C" in the serial numbers when selecting files for your modem.

Program Files

Latest Driver / Flash Update for the following modems:

  • Internal PCI V.92 56K modem, model 3025N or 3025L

Install Shield for our Lucent chipset faxmodem model 3025N or 3025L. The v812MOH file will also install the Modem on Hold application. This file is for use with Win95/98/NT/W2K/ME/XP. This file will not fit onto a floppy. You will need to install the modem with the previous v810 driver file and then install with upgrade to the v812MOH file. These are self- extracting compressed files. The v810.exe file gives you a choice of a single file or 3 separate transportable floppy compatible files. When using the 3-file version please copy all files into the same folder. Then to upgrade the drivers and to install the MOH application, run the v812MOH file.

NOTE: Because the v812MOH file cannot be split for easy file transfer, the modem will need to be installed with the previous code if is not already installed in the computer. If the modem is already installed, then just download the v812MOH file. When the file extracts it will automatically remove existing driver files.

Current V.92 Driver for Zoom PCI Internal Modems (.exe file) 2.62MB This file contains updated driver files as well as the MOH application.

Previous V.92 Driver for Zoom PCI Internal Modems (.exe file) 3.97MB
Disk 1 (1.20MB)  Disk 2 (855KB)   Disk 3 (897KB)


Quick Start and Reference Guide (.pdf file) in English, Deustch, Espanol, Francais, Greek, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Portuguese, Turkce.
AT Command Reference Manual (.pdf file) for our Lucent chipset, V.92 Dualmode and V.90 Dualmode, controllerless PCI faxmodems.

AT Command Reference Manual (.pdf file) V.92 Addendum for our Lucent chipset, V.92 Dualmode faxmodems.

New V.250 commands (.pdf file) used to support V.92 protocol.
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