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Tethering a Smartphone with Your Zoom 3G Router

In March 2011, Zoom released Firmware Revision 1.0.11 for router Models 4501 and 4506 that added smartphone tethering capability. This firmware is included in new shipments from our factory, and is also available as a file download from the product support pages.

The following tethered smartphones are supported in the 3G Desktop Router (Model 4501) and 3G Travel Router (Model 4501) with Firmware Revision 1.0.11.

Company Model No. If Tethering Setup Information is on Web, Click the Link Below
Apple iPhone 3GS Tethering Setup
Apple iPhone 4 Tethering Setup
BlackBerry 9000  
Motorola Q9 Tethering Setup
Nokia N95  
HTC Tatoo  
HTC Desire  
T-Mobile G2  








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