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Model 4020

The ZoomAir AP128 is a hardware Access Point for linking IEEE 802.11 DSSS compliant wireless clients to each other and to a wired LAN. The ZoomAir AP128 also provides routing and remote access services, giving multiple users on your network ISDN access to the Internet or other Wide Area Network (WAN) and dial in access for telecommuters.

Program Files

The firmware of the AP128 can be upgraded through webmanage or through the Console Port. Depending on which method you select, you must download the appropriate file(s) and follow the instructions.

Webmanage Method (.exe file) Webmanage uses this binary file to upgrade the AP128 to the latest firmware. This file will upgrade both the system and boot images of the unit.

  1. Go to Webmanage, select Maintenance, Update and then this file (AP128_1.8.3_binary_download.exe)
  2. After the process is completed, select Restart to begin using the updated version.

Console Port Method (.exe file) Boot Image
Console Port Method (.exe file) System Image

The Console Port uses the above files to upgrade the AP128 to the latest firmware. A terminal program such as HyperTerminal in Windows that supports Zmodem file transfers is necessary. To update the AP11 going through the Console Port, you must do the following:

  1. Connect the RJ45 to RJ45 serial cable that is supplied to the console port on the AP128 and the other end to a serial port on a system. (A DB9 to RJ45 is supplied with the AP128).
  2. Set up the terminal program (HyperTerminal or any program that supports Zmodem file transfer) for 38400 and N, 8,1. X/on-X/off handshaking should also be selected.
  3. Press <enter> and a "$" prompt should appear to indicate that you are communicating correctly with the AP128.
  4. Power the AP128 on and you should see information scrolling on the terminal screen. The message "Type Boot to Bypass Main Image will appear."
  5. Type the word "boot" and this will boot the AP128 into the system boot rom image area. At the end of the process, the message "Waiting for Code Upload" will appear.
  6. Start the file transfer using Zmodem protocol and load the file AP128_xBoot_1.8.3.exe which is the boot image.
  7. Do not interrupt the upload or power off the AP128 during the process. This will cause the unit to be inoperable and necessitate it to be returned for repair.
  8. When the upload is complete then perform a second upload with the system rom image (AP128_xMain_1.8.3.exe).

Note: Another way to accomplish this system image update is to use the console port as described above, but do no type "boot" to enter into the System Boot image area. The AP128 will then boot into the System Main image area.

  1. Type "rx" at the "$" prompt which will place the AP128 into Zmodem state and perform the Zmodem file upload the same as in the Boot Image area.


Installation Guide and Reference Manual (.pdf file) for the AP128

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