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ZOOM Products

ZoomAir 2Mbs
Models 4000 and 4005

ZoomAir is a line of 802.11 High Rate standard wireless products that can complement/replace a wired LAN in applications ranging from a small office to a multi-campus enterprise. These are the latest support files for the ZoomAir 2 Mbs product.

Program Files

ZoomAir Access Point Software v2.51

This is the latest version of the ZoomAir wireless networking software for the 2MB card as an Access Point. This file download will work in W95/98/NT/ME. You must uninstall any existing ZoomAir software on the system by following instructions given below. Create a folder in your system and copy both files to the same folder. Double click each file to self-extract.

Important Note: Access Point v2.51. If you are installing the Access Point software, you must save/protect your original ZoomAir key file, which was part of your purchased copy of the Access Point software.

On a clean floppy, copy the ZoomAir Key file from the original Zoom Access Disk 1. Keep this for loading and/or upgrading. Remove the supplied ZoomAir key from Disk 1 of this download, eliminating the chance of overwriting the original ZoomAir Key file. If the ZoomAir Key is lost or misplaced, there is a MAC address printed under the barcode on disk 1 contact Zoom Tech Support with the MAC address and a copy of the key file can be obtained and sent to you.

ZoomAir Client Software v2.51

This is the software to install the ZoomAir 2MB as a Client. This will run in Windows 95/98/NT/ME.
Installation Instructions (.html file) for ZoomAir Client software for the ZoomAir 2MB card
Windows 2000 support (.html file) for ZoomAir 2Mbps



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