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ZoomAir v2.50 Client Installation Instructions for Windows 2000

Note: Following the steps below will allow any Windows 2000 computer to act as a ZoomAir Client configured for either AdHoc or Infrastructure mode.

Before you begin: Double-click on the Windows Explorer icon on your desktop, then select Tools | Folder Options. Click the View tab, and select Show Hidden Files. Then follow the steps below.

  1. Copy the downloaded "ndcapdrv.sys" driver file into both the \winnt\system32 folder and the \winnt\system32\drivers folder.

  2. Copy the downloaded "NetZoom.inf" file into the \winnt\inf folder.

  3. Plug in your ZoomAir Card. When you are asked where the "ndcapdrv.sys" file is, point to the \winnt\system32 folder.

  4. Next go to Hardware | Device Manager. Under Network Adapters, highlight the ZoomAir Card and select Properties. Select Resources and uncheck the Use Automatic Configuration box.

  5. Restart your computer. You can then configure the ZoomAir card's SSID, AdHoc/Infrastructure modes, etc., under the dialog box selections Hardware | Device Manager | Properties | Advanced.


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