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Wireless Internet Gateway
Model IG-4150

The Zoom Air IG-4150 Wireless Internet Gateway serves as a central base station for multiple, Internet - connected wireless network users. The standalone ZoomAir IG-4150 communicates with the Internet through regular telephone line using its built in 56K dialup modem. The ZoomAir IG-4150 then broadcasts the Internet connection wirelessly to networked computers equipped with compatible wireless LAN interface devices, such as the ZoomAir Wireless Network Interface card model 4100 or ZoomAir Wireless USB Client model 4115. Each computer can browse the web, download and upload files and send and receive email completely and independently.

Program Files

IG-4150 Setup Utility (.exe file) This Install shield wizard will install the Orinoco RG setup Utility Variant 1, version 1.38. This will run in Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. This is the management software that will allow the user to setup or change configuration settings of the Gateway from any wireless configured computer.


Quickstart Manual (.pdf file) This Quickstart contains instructions you will need to install your ZoomAir IG Internet Gateway and start building a wireless network.
Necessary Wireless Client Settings (.pdf file) to configure Wireless Network adapter to work with the ZoomAir IG-4150.
WEP Booklet (.pdf file) Special Instructions: How to Implement WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy).

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