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Uninstalling ZoomAir

If you are reinstalling ZoomAir, installing ZoomAir on a computer with a previous installation of a ZoomAir product, or uninstalling ZoomAir, you should follow the steps below.

There are three steps in uninstalling ZoomAir:

  • Recording your current network settings
  • Removing the ZoomAir drivers
  • Reinstalling network settings

Recording Current Network Settings

When ZoomAir drivers are removed from the computer, certain network settings are lost. The following steps create a record of your settings to use as a guide in restoring the settings.

  1. Click on Start | Run. Type the following command:
    Windows 95/98/ME: winipcfg /all /batch \ipconfig.txt
    Windows NT 4.0: ipconfig /all > \ipconfig.txt
    and press Enter or click OK.
  2. This will create a text file, ipconfig.txt, in the computer's root directory. The file will contain information about the computer's IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and other current information about network settings.

    Double-clicking on the filename in Windows Explorer will allow the file to be viewed in Notepad or Wordpad and printed out for future reference in re-entering network settings.

Uninstalling ZoomAir Drivers

Follow these steps to uninstall the ZoomAir drivers.

  1. Click on Start | Programs | ZoomAir | Uninstall.
  2. To ensure all drivers have been removed, perform a search of your computer's hard drive for any files beginning with "ndc". Delete any that are found.
  3. After the uninstall is complete, shut down the computer and remove the ZoomAir Card from its slot.

Reinstalling Network Settings

Uninstalling ZoomAir drivers may also delete some of your network settings. If you are installing another ZoomAir device, the installation procedure should take care of restoring the settings. If you are installing another networking device, you can restore the settings in the Network control panel.

You may first want to print out the information you recorded in the ipconfig.txt file. Then consult the Windows Help file for detailed instructions for setting up networks; look in the Help Index under Networks and Setting up.


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