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ISDN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why would I want ISDN?

ISDN saves you a lot of time when you are accessing the Internet, using video phone applications, or connecting to a corporate local area network. ISDN with ML-PPP lets you reliably send and receive data at up to 128,000 bits per second or more, much faster than with the fastest analog modems. And ISDN connects in less than 3 seconds, much faster than an analog modem.

Do I need special phone lines for ISDN?

You probably don't need to change your wiring, but you do need to order ISDN phone service. Ordering is easy with EZ-ISDN. The phone company will install an ISDN line, similar to installing a second phone line. Zoom/ISDN plugs directly into the ISDN line's jack. This means you can have normal phone service on one line and ISDN service on the other.

Will I be able to get ISDN service?

Almost definitely. If your phone company is Bell Atlantic or Pacific Bell, you can definitely get ISDN. If you have another phone company, it depends on your location. You can check by calling your local phone company's ISDN information line: Ameritech (800) 428-4736, AT&T (800) 222-7956, Bell Atlantic (800) 570-4736, BellSouth (800) 428-4736,  GTE (800) 888-8799, MCI (800) 624-4736, Nynex (800) 438-4736, PacificBell (800) 472-4736, SNET (800) 430-4736, Stentor (800) 578-4736, Southwestern Bell (800) 992-4736, US West (800) 246-5226.

Can Zoom/ISDN talk with analog modems, fax machines, and faxmodems?

The Duo can, but the TA cannot. The Duo can call an analog modem, fax machine or faxmodem using your ISDN line. The Duo can also use your analog phone line if that's more convenient or less expensive.

Can I use my ISDN line for voice calls?

You can with Zoom/ISDN. You can't with most other ISDN cards. Zoom/ISDN lets you plug in a standard telephone handset. Then you can use dialer software included with the Duo and TA to place or receive calls.

What's the advantage of a Zoom/ISDN internal PC-compatible card?

Because the internal is connected directly to the PC's ISA bus, it is typically faster than an external unit connected to a serial port. Serial ports normally support only 115,200 bps, which is lower than ISDN's 128,000 bps of uncompressible data. When data is compressible, the Zoom/ISDN internal card supports up to 460,800 bps, four times the speed of most externals.

How hard is it to install a Zoom/ISDN card?

Hardware installation is very similar to installing an internal Plug-and-Play modem. In addition, you will have to order ISDN service. Software installation is similar to modem software installation since the Duo and TA have a standard modem serial port and use standard modem commands.

If I have a problem, is there help?

Yes. You can call Zoom's expert technical support team Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern time. You can also reach them via the Internet or fax.


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