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The ZoomAccess 2 is a two-port router/RAS with flexible plug-in WAN access modules. The ZoomAccess 8 is a 4/8 port multiprotocol RAS for the medium size organization. The ZoomAccess IG/IG Plus are IP gateways that are the perfect solution for Small/Branch office IP connectivity. To learn more about the features and technical specifications of each product, click on Zoom Access2 | ZoomAccess8

Program Files - PC Files

Model ZoomAccess2 -7502 and ZoomAccess8 -7508

The Blaster Program is used to program the firmware on ZoomAccess and TribeLink products. The MSDLC protocol must be installed on Windows for the Blaster program to work. Winblast will work in W95/98/ME. The DOS version is also available for download. When you run Winblast, you must step through the screen until you see the word "Flash" on the screen. Before hitting the word Flash, you will need to go back one screen and then go forward again or else the program will not run properly.

ZoomAccess2 -7502 

The Latest System Firmware Update (.exe file) for the ZoomAccess2 unit. This can be used with the Blaster program.

Boot image (.exe file) can be upgraded through the Blaster program. You can also upgrade the boot image through WebManage. Instructions as follows:

  1. Connect ZoomAccess to Webmanage.
  2. Enter URL of the browser of the ZoomAccess 2 IP address followed by "secret" i.e. xxx.xxx.x.xx/secret.
  3. This should display the HTME page where the option to upgrade the Boot rom is available.

ZoomAccess 8 - 7508

The Latest Firmware Update (.exe file) for the ZoomAccess8. This is to be used with the Blaster program.

Mac Files

ZoomAccess2 -7502 and ZoomAccess8 -7508

Mac Blast (.hqx file) This is the utility for programming the firmware on a ZoomAccess unit. MacBlast might not work in OS versions later than 7.5.5 due to changes in Open Transport.

ZoomAccess2 - 7502

The Latest Boot and System Firmware (.zip file) files for the ZoomAccess2 to be used with the MacBlast program.


Installation Guide and Reference Manual (.pdf file) This is the Owners Manual for the ZoomAccess products as well as for the TribeLink products. The ZoomAccess8 manual displays DB 9 ports on the front in place of the MAC Din_8 ports, a direct 10BT plug in the rear, and DB25 console port plug. These changes were never made to this product. The manual is incorrect. The ZoomAccess8 still has MAC Din 8 modem ports, no direct 10BT connection and a proprietary 48 pin console port.

Diagram of hardware handshaking cable pin-outs (.bmp file) for use with Zoom Access8.
Documentation of cable (.doc file) included with ZoomAccess8 unit.

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