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I've tested this on 3 different computers with the same results.

Even though my modems com port has a 16550A uart, if I use the Windows\System.ini [386 enhanced] section COMxFIFO=True lines a conflict occurs and my connects fail in both MCI.Newscorp and AOL internet connection. When I delete the FIFO command lines from this file the problem dissappears along with them. Suggest you send this on to Engineering for study. I believe there is a conflict with Netscape and Windows when the RPI driver is emersed into the picture and it causes frequent disconnects. It may be adviseable to instruct Zoom 14.4 RPI and RPI+ users to delete any COMxFIFO=True lines from their Windows\System.ini [386 enhanced]section file. Hope this gives you some ideas. I'm SURE this is the problem!




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