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This is the file I've been sending to delphi users.
The Zoom Fix Nov. 8, 1995


Be advised I am not a zoom rep, have no connection to zoom in any way and I am only doing this to show you how I got my zoom model 110 RPI+ to work properly. I can not guarantee it will work for your system & setup. These basic instructions should work to make the Zoom model 110 14.4 RPI+ modem able to upload file attachments and download in Delphi at high speed and without lockups.


Zoom Model 110 fax/pc-modem 14.4 with RPI+
Windows 3.x
Comit for Windows
Delphis new GUI
Zoomt's RPIKIT4.EXE (free download from Zoom see below)
486 or better compatible systems
(might work for 386 too, it does in AOL)

Modem Chipset:

To test for your modem type and chipset go to windows program manager and double click on your TERMINAL icon (mine happens to be in my accessories group) When the screen comes up type the following command:

ati3 (that's an i not an l) now hit return or enter

Your modem chipset and type will be reported, write this information down for future reference. If you have RPI+ and a chipset of 1.625 or higher, following these instructions will probably help you, if you have a lower chipset or have RPI only they probably won't help you. You may be able to obtain a chipset upgrade from Zoom.

Com/Serial Port:

To test your Com port, exit windows completely (don't use windows msdos prompt) At the C: prompt type the following command:

msd now hit enter or return

Your Com port uart chipsets will be displayed. It is best to install your modem on the Com port with the highest uart speed. 16550 is desireable but even if you only have 8250 the following instructions will likely work.

don't stop now! Go to Comit...

Comit settings:

Assuming you have RPI+ Comit modem selection is:

3 modems using RPI+ firmware (string line must be blank)
Delete any string lines in the block if they are there!
Don't worry, your modem will use the default!

Comit Port settings are:

hardware control
1, none, 8 (for 8250 uart you may have to use 1,none, 7)
lock baud rate
carrier detect
hardware flow control


You must have your modem operational even at low speeds to download. You must have installed Delphi, Windows 3x, Comit for Windows, You must download RPIKIT4.EXE from Zoomt and place it in its own directory on your hard-drive. I have RPIKIT4.EXE and am willing to upload it if you need it. The suggested directory to create for SETRPI and assuming = your hard drive is C is; C:\SETRPI


You can find RPIKIT4.EXE and other files on the Zoom web page at http://www.zoomtel.com/


Create a directory called SETRPI and dowload or copy RPIKIT4.EXE to it. Once RPIKIT4.EXE is downloaded into this directory, in windows file manager, double click on RPIKIT4.EXE, then double click on INSTALL.EXE, this will set up the Winrpi software and create a new program group complete with new icons. Go to your program manager, make sure this new group is open and double click on the msdos icon. This will correctly copy the new modem data file to your Comitw directory. Go to the program manager and the new group of icons again and double click on the setrpi icon. A screen will come up, test your com ports for modem location and chipset. If you do not have RPI+ these instructions may not work for your modem. I've only fixed an RPI+ and therefore am not sure. Once revealed, write down the modem type and chipset etc. for future reference. Now on this same screen click on driver and install the wrpi.drv You may get a message that says it couldn't rename windapi.dll to windapi.dbk., restart windows anyway. Now go to your file manager, copy your (windows\system) windapi.dll file to any other directory, rename it as windapi.dbk then move this renamed file to your windows\system directory. Now you've got both versions in case you want to change back to windapi.dll for some reason. Exit windows and re-boot. Go to RAW DOS. (not windows dos)


If you have dosshell loaded, fire it up and look at your windows directory system.ini file. If you don't have dosshell change to your windows directory, type the following command;

type system.ini | more

look at the [boot] section of this file... my last 4 lines say exactly this:

comm.drv=3Dwrpi.drv keyboard.drv=3Dkeyboard.drv ;comm.drv=3Dcomm.drv drivers=3Dwindapi.dbk mmsystem.dll

Carefull... I don't have multimedia so you may have more drivers!

If your "key" lines are different, then best thing to do is to print a copy of your existing file and save it for future reference, just in case you have to fix something later. I consider lines 1,3, &4 of the above lines to be "key" lines

Manual changes:

While in DOS fire up your editor and manually edit the 3 key lines of your windows\system.ini file to be exactly like the "key" lines above. I would suggest EXACTLY in every way. Don't miss the ; in line 3 above. Now re-boot your computer.

Now log in to Delphi and click on tool box

click on dial setup click on modem setup make sure you've set your modem port (my happens to be Com2) set your speed at 19200 select modem type from the list (I selected Zoom Faxmodem VFX 14.4 - v32.bis) my IRQ is set at default my IO address is set at system

Now click on your red and white mail icon, usually at the upper right of your screen

click on special click on settings check them: The only fields with anything other than * in them should be: Baud rate 19200 Com port(as I said mine is 2) Flow control should be hardware: That's a lie but don't tell the system! Data 8 Stop 1

Parity none (it works for me) X at CLRF X at show trace window as I said before, except for an * in the modem and ID screens everything else should be BLANK.!

Now... exit, reboot and log in again

I hope everything is working OK now!!! Try it and see!!! If it works you've done great... BUT there's more!!!!

Now that that's out of the way you may have an opportunity to increase your speed! Check your notes on the Uart of the modems Com port.

If you have 16550 uart you can reset all baud rates to 57600
If you have 16450 uart you can reset all baud rates to 38400
If you have 8250 uart you must leave all baud rates at 19200

Note: If you've reset your baud rates to 57600 and transfers seem to slow down then lower the setting to 38400 or if necessary, back to 19200.

For those of you that have RPI instead of RPI+ you may have to try a different or Custom modem setting in Comit, I can't be sure. You'll have to experiment or talk to Zoomt (tech) if you have problems. They'll probably try and sell you an upgrade, I personally would rather experiment and work with what I've got.

If anyone has problems just let me know via email, I'll try to help.




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