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January 3, 1996

Seasons Greetings to all!!

Modem Stringlines for Zoom 110 RPI+ 14400 Modems w/2.2 chipsets: Now before you start blaming your modem and stringline make sure your current computer configuration and bios/cmos settings aren't having an upper memory conflict. These upper memory conflicts can often go unnoticed and cause no problems until a modem comes into the picture. There are many fine sleuth-like programs out there that will report on your upper memory status in detail. If there is an upper memory conflict this must be fixed before you start messing with your stringline. I find Abacus's PCINFO to be the simplest and most reliable for checking upper memory status. Another thing to check out is your hard-disk. Make sure it is not laced with loose file clusters or badly fragmented. Also, for those of you messing around with interleave settings, the fasted interleave is not necessarily the optimum setting for a reliable read-write environment. You may want to consider re-setting your hard disk interleave and running a low level format (depending on your disk type of course) to improve on it's reliability. There are many programs out there that you can use to improve the reliability of your hard disk. I personally use PCTools for this type of disk maintenance.

Lets talk Stringlines:

To determine the actual stringline you should use for your modem (assuming you've successfully installed the new wrpi driver and have an RPI+ modem) all you have to do is this:

Start windows
Start Comit
Click on your Modem Driver Setup Utility
Read & record the recommended stringline...ignore the other stuff
Click on the minus sign in the upper left hand corner of this field
Select close

The recommended stringline for most RPI+ Modems is:

AT&F&C1&D2&K3+H11 S95=1^M

Lets Talk IMPROVED Stringlines:

It depends on your equipment and setup. I've tested tons of stringlines over the last few months looking for the ULTIMATE solution but have come to the conclusion that this is a very difficult task. Probably it's impossible. In my opinion, I don't believe the current rpi driver is truly compatible and reliable with the current AOL software unless you feel like using your 14400 modem at 9600 all of the time. I don't have these problems using my Zoom 110 on the GUI platforms of other services. It works just fine there. If you want to run at 14400 with this modem on AOL, I believe you should be prepared to get bumped off-line every once in a while!

A few of the various stringlines I've had some success with are:








That last "truly radical" stringline has to this date been my most successful. I connect every time (unless the line is busy) at 14400, I have reliable high speed Uploads and Downloads of any file type or size, and I have yet to be bumped off line from AOL or their Internet Connection! This one seems to really work well for my particular setup.

Good Luck with your experiments!



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