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Zoom Two Channel VoIP Telephone Adapter
Model 5821F - With G.711, iLBC and G.729 Codecs
Model 5822F - With G.711 and iLBC Codecs

Program Files - Setup Files

Zoom ATA Manager (.exe file)

Windows Users:  Click here to download the ATA Manager. The Zoom ATA Manager requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.  Netscape and Firefox web browsers are not supported at this time.

Macintosh and Linux Users:   You can use your computer’s web browser (Internet Explorer 6.0 or later only) to log into the Zoom ATA Manager. Click here for more information, or refer to the Read Me First! document below.   


Please contact your VoIP service provider if you want to know their policy on updating your ATA's firmware.


Read Me First! (.pdf file)

Select a document to download:

Includes instructions in English only

Includes instructions in English and Spanish

Quick Start (.pdf file)

Select a document to download:

Includes instructions in English and Spanish

Model 5821F/5822F Data Sheet   (.pdf file)


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