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Brand Source Location
Amazon.com Order online at Amazon.com's website
Amazon.co.uk Order online at Amazon.co.uk's website

Aria Technology, Aria House, 2 Belle Vue Avenue, Pottery Lane, Manchester M12 4AS

Telephone Number: 0870 499 2 499 and online

Broadband Bob Telephone Number: 0870 774 1262 and online
Broadband Buyer Telephone Number: 0870 766 5175 and online
Buy.com Telephone Number: online at Buy.com's website
CDW Telephone Number: 1-800-400-4239 and online
computers4sure.com Order online at computers4sure.com's website
eBuyer Order online at eBuyer's website

Rutherford House, Manchester Science Park, Manchester, M15 6GG, UK

Telephone Number: 0161 868 0868 and online

ecost.com Telephone Number: 1-877-888-2678 and online
Fry's/Outpost Order online at Outpost's website
Global Computer Mail order 1-888-845-6225 and online


Hemini Plc, Hemini Complex, Stirling Way, Elstree, Borehamwood, HERTS WD6 2BT

Tel: 020 8207 2000   Fax: 020 8207 2222 and online


Horizon One, Studio Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 5WH

Telephone Number: 08705 168671 and online


1-800-808-3120 and online
Insight UK

Weston House, Westbar Green, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 2DA

Telephone Number: 0870 700 7350 and online

Mac Connection Mail Order 1-800-986-4420 and online
Mac Mall Mail Order 1-800-MAC-MALL and online

Horizon One, Studio Way, Herts, Borehamwood WD6 5WH

Telephone Number: 08705 168740 and online

Micro Direct

Micro Direct Ltd, 275A Upper Brook Street, Manchester M13 0HR

Telephone Number: 0870 44 44 432 and online

Micro Warehouse Canada


Misco Telephone Number: 0870 720 8720 and online
Nickknows Telephone Number: 0870 162 4970 and online
PC Connection Mail Order 1-888-800-0323 and online
PC Mall Mail Order 1-800-555-MALL and online
PC Upgrader

31-33 Grosvenor Road, Aldershot, Hampshire GU11 3DP

Telephone Number: 0906 3300 222 and online

PC World
Business Direct

Waterfold Park, Rochdale Road, Bury BL9 7BJ

Mail Order and online

Provantage Telephone Number: 800-336-1166 and online
Staples Throughout U.S. and mail order 1-800-3-STAPLES
SMC Direct

31-33 Grosvenor Road, Aldershot, Hampshire GU11 3DP

Telephone Number: 0906 3300 230 and online

Transparent Communications

Transparent Communications Ltd, PO Box 50, Aberdare, CF44 8YT.

Telephone Number: 0870 446 0528 and online


Kingsbury Trading Estate, Kingsbury Road, London, NW9 8RW

Telephone Number: 020 8200 1122 and online


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